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Leader and Happy Woman

Ana Maria Peláez
Ana Maria Peláez


Coach-Speaker certified by John Maxwell Team, Trainer in Productive Happiness. CHO by FIU, Certified in Neurosales BiiA LAB, passionate about happiness and leadership in today's companies. CEO of BeHappyTeam, collaborator of various media in Colombia and Latin America. 


Women How much do we complicate our lives wanting to fulfill so many roles at the same time? Learn to be a great leader without ever forgetting your role as a woman. It will allow you to promote a sense of belonging, have motivated teams, be a manager of happiness, strengthen confidence indices, achieve positive results, be consistent and above all happy.

Directed to:

Empowered women, leaders, entrepreneurs, people focused on enhancing their virtues, talents, personal and professional projects.


Publicize the benefits of the magic of being a woman and the best practices that encourage the development of your leadership skills and habits.

You will learn to:

• Strengthen personal confidence

• Develop your own dream map

• Determine factors that influence your happiness

• Transform your talents and abilities

• Qualities of happy people

• Models of happiness

• Design your own happiness ritual

• 8 Characteristics of female leadership.

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