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Mayo Clinic

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  • 2020
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Dra. Carla Venegas-Borsellino ,.

MD, Critical Medicine Consultant, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Mayo Clinic in Florida.

Dr. Venegas-Borsellino graduated from the College of Medicine of the Universidad del Norte Barranquilla, Colombia; course the specialty of Internal Medicine and Intensive Care at Montefiore Medical Center, New York, USA; Clinical Nutrition at the University of Louisville, Kentucky, USA and Oregon Health & Science University, Oregon, USA in association with Nestle Nutrition Institute.

Before joining Mayo Clinic, Dr. Venegas-Borsellino was an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Montefiore Medical Center Albert Einstein College of Medicine in Bronx New York.

Currently, Dr. Venegas-Borsellino is a Senior Medical Assistant and Consultant in the Intensive Care department at Mayo Clinic Florida. She has had experience in several critical areas, including critical care in cardiothoracic surgery and neurosurgery.

This experience has allowed him to develop an academic interest in studying the risk factors associated with injury mechanisms as well as the needs of critical patients due to their health and functional status.

He has also developed an interest in educating future generations at a multidisciplinary level, generating new knowledge through his research projects using simulators and ultrasonography. In 2015, his research work received the Education Specialty Award from the Society for Critical Medicine.

She has been a POCUS instructor for the Intensive Care Society and the Neurological Intensive Care Society of the United States since 2015 and is the author of multiple articles and book chapters in the area of intensive care ultrasound.

Dr. Jorge M. Mallea, MD

Transplant Consultant, Sleep Medicine Specialist, Pulmonologist and Intensive Care.

Dr. Mallea was born in Arequipa, Peru. He attended the medical school of the National University of San Agustin in Arequipa, Peru.

He completed his residency in Internal Medicine at New York Medical College, New York in 2000. He completed a specialty in lung diseases, critical medicine and sleep disorders in 2003 at Saint Louis University. Before joining Mayo Clinic, he was an assistant professor of medicine at Stony Brooks University in Long Island, NY and at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, NY.

Dr. Mallea has been a consultant in the Transplantation department of Mayo Clinic, Florida since June 2011. At Mayo Clinic he also works in the Department of Intensive Care and in the Division of Pulmonology, Intensive Care and Allergies.

His academic and research interests include management of end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), stem cells in lung diseases including chronic rejection after transplantation, donor lung reconditioning, and pharmacogenomics in recipients of lung transplantation.

Dr. Mallea is the principal investigator of a prospective, controlled, multicenter, randomized clinical study to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the IBV Valvular System for the treatment of severe single lobe emphysema and a multicenter study to measure the safety of extending preservation and the time of evaluation of a donor lung using perfusion and normothermic exothermic pulmonary ventilation (EVLP)

Awards and honors
Don Schomaker Person of the Year Award Honoring Excellence in the World of Organ Transplantation - 2014 Mayo Clinic Lung Transplant Support Group

Conference description:
Aware of the current situation that has been generated with the rapid expansion of the COVID19 Pandemic worldwide, and being very clear that the ignorance of the population was a fundamental part of the spread, as a first point we would like you to tell us a little about what they are specifically the means of transmission of this disease to discard certain myths and erroneous information that sometimes circulates through social networks.

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